CYST-venture | February 2-18

What I thought would be a few days delay turned into a couple weeks. I went into the Kindbody office every 3-4 days for 2 weeks as they blood tested me and did a vaginal ultrasound each time to see if the cyst was breaking down. There wasn’t much promise in the beginning, and my nurse offered the cyst aspiration or to remain on birth control a few more days each time.

TBH, after much Tik Tok gynecological exploring – I was increasingly nervous about any procedure that could require a tenaculum [here’s an article that talks a little about it and why it’s scary, I don’t know about the website itself but the info is pretty accurate from what I, a non-medical-professional, can tell].

After I mentioned that was the reason I was nervous about the aspiration, my nurse mentioned that she also had a bad experience once during an IUD insertion where her gyno, at the time, used a tenaculum and then commented that “latin women never complain about the pain.” Which is fucking awful.

That said, she couldn’t tell me for sure if the doctor used one or not during the aspiration but if I decided to go for it, they would talk me through everything. Now, the only reason I was worried is because the aspiration is done with a transvaginal ultrasound machine and without anesthesia of any kind. If anesthesia was on the table, I would have likely been less hesitant at the thought of getting this whole thing over with.

I have to be honest, it was a really fucking gut punch at every appointment when the technician would signal that the cyst was still there, and still big as hell. This cycle was something that I had spent a lot of time preparing for mentally, and my type-A personality was NOT handling the fact that this cyst was throwing off my timeline.

But finally, on February 15, my ultrasound showed that the cyst was shrinking enough that I would be able to start soon. I got instructions in my portal that afternoon that I was to stop taking the birth control I was on, and that I could begin my injections on Friday.

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