CYST-tastic | February 1st 

My [supposed] first cycle appointment was… a BIT OF A BUMMER. 

I woke up early (6:45am) which is rough for me, got ready, had some cereal and drank some water (I get lightheaded with blood tests) and made the 30 min trek into the city for the appt. 

I got in, was early, waited a few minutes and then got taken back to get my blood test. I was nervous and told the nurse, she said she was fast. And she WAS fast. But the needle hurt a lot more than usual, like stung. The blood part is what’s worse though and that was so fast. 

Then I’m brought to an exam room where I take all my bottoms off, get on the table/bed thing and cover myself with the paper sheet. I was there a good 10 min, without my phone since I had left it in my jacket pocket, and making myself really faint thinking about the blood test and my arm hurting. 

Then the ultrasound tech came in, she said the knock would be the nurse. It’s my girl from yesterday, I’m feeling much more comfortable knowing it’s the same woman. The tech was awesome too, she genuinely cares about all her ‘girls’ and makes a point to know them. The vibe was awesome. 

Then, during the ultrasound, there was one “oh” and then a lot of time on one side and many many clicks on the machine. Finally, after what seemed like 5 straight minutes, my nurse said “so, you do have a cyst” and the tech took the probe thingy out and left with a nice goodbye. Then I sat up, and she explained that it was pretty big, which meant they couldn’t start the cycle today. I asked if it was something that looked like it linked to PCOS, she said that PCOS is more so a bunch of small cysts all around, so this wasn’t that. 

That said, she explained my options were going on a birth control for a week, or doing a procedure which I think is called “Ablation” – although I am having a hard time finding info about it for ovarian cysts on the internet. She mentioned with would be like “spraying” the cyst and I wouldn’t be put under for it. Some people think it’s uncomfortable and feels like pressure, some don’t have any issues. I said I would be open to either, I just really want this process to start as soon as possible. I’m definitely bummed, because this is putting everything on hold again, and I just want to get this over with, so I can stop staring at all the needles on my table.

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